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Culvert Lining

Broad Cove Associates
is a distributer for all of New England.

Your goal: A brand new culvert with better flow capabilities. - Are your culverts in need of repair or replacement? Culvert damage and aging isn't something we look for every day. It's usually out of sight and, unfortunately, out of mind.

Deteriorating culverts come quickly to mind when roadway damage caused by corroded, rusted and washed-out culverts occurs. Traditional culvert replacement methods are an expensive, time-consuming, labor-intensive process.

KWH Weholite Culverts
KWH Weholite Culverts - Long-life, corrosion free installations.

KWH Weholite Culverts - Long-life, corrosion free installations.
Weholite Culvert pipework is ideal for culvert applications in both roadway and street applications. The ingenious threaded joint has excellent tensile qualities and helps reduce overall installation time. Short “spool-pieces” can be used to extend existing culverts quickly and economically, also cutting down on waste in both time and materials.

Weholite culvert pipe system 
  • With Thread Joint
  • Culvert Extensions Fittings
  • Skew-cut Culvert Ends Jointing Fittings
  • Internal Socket